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Openwave Technology

Our comprehensive suite, which encompasses the cutting-edge Openwave Mx9 platform and the Messaging Marketplace Platform (MMP), delivers solutions that are not only high-performing, but also highly secure and user-friendly. Specifically designed for Communication Service Providers, these groundbreaking innovations enhance the functionality of email systems, introduce robust anti-abuse measures, and revolutionize the way we experience modern messaging.


Explore the exceptional capabilities of Openwave's email solutions, where our advanced Mx9 platform offers unparalleled performance, reliability, and security for modern email communication needs.



The Openwave Mx9 platform delivers high performance along with 99.999% availability. Mx 9 has been designed to ensure horizontal scalability (stateless) at every layer without any blocking paths. All this can be deployed without spending heavily on 3rd party high availability software and hardware as redundancy and failover mechanisms are built into the platform. This horizontalization of the platform also allows upgrading pieces of the system without disrupting services.

The growth in average mailbox size has also driven us to redesign how mailboxes are accessed, with better caching of meta-data to ensure good load, search and sort performance even with very large mailboxes of over 100,000 messages. The platform services can be deployed on VMs or as Containers.

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Communication Service Providers are exposed to privacy and reputation breach on their end user services. For that reason, they can’t tolerate any weakness in their platform security. We are very proud to say that the Mx9 platform has not been breached. The platform offers the following security features:

  • Email content encrypted at rest
  • All external and internal communications use TLS
  • Password hashed/encrypted
  • Pluggable Authentication methods
  • Web UI and mobile app are penetration tested frequently.
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RazorGate® 5 is our SMTP Anti-Abuse solution part of the Mx9 platform. It controls everything that is coming in our going out the platform. Razorgate leverages multiple layers of defence from IP level to SMTP to content signature analysis from 3rd party partners. Razorgate instances share data to ensure that attack are quickly detected and policy update quickly propagated.

The Razorgate policy engine is extremely flexible and can be made to score messages based on dozens of parameters. Policy updates are quickly distributed to any instances.

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User Interfaces

Both our Webmail and Mobile App client leverage our secure proprietary interface for fast access to the mailbox. This is key as mailbox size increases and UIs needs to deal with 10th of thousands of messages without having the user to go through pages of content. The user expects a single list of messages containing everything. Quick meta-data access allows for rapid navigation in the mail list (scroll, sort, and search) even with large mailboxes.

As mailboxes gets populated with more and more bulk messages (>50%) we have also re-designed the UIs to ensure the focused is on the most important messages (automatic mailbox categorization, tagging, pin, etc). Part of this re-design we have also made sure that the focus is on the actions that the user performs all the time (with less emphasis on infrequent actions). In the mobile app for example we have made sure all main actions are available with one swipe and select.

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Messaging Marketplace

Messaging Marketplace Platform (MMP) is an Openwave white-label solution that enables carriers to introduce a new ecosystem on top of RCS infrastructure to create new revenue streams through monetizing A2P & P2A RCS communication capabilities.

MMP brings together brands and their communities of customers in a rich messaging marketplace to exchange unique, engaging campaigns and content. The platform opens itself up to provide not only the ability to service rich content, but also to engage in dynamic two-way dialog with customers through automated conversational agents (also commonly termed ‘Chatbots’).

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MMP includes:

  • Self-service onboarding of brands and their chatbots with customized subscription plan offerings
  • Portals & APIs for Brand and basic Chatbot authoring tools.
  • RCS Chatbot verification allowing to scale ability to onboard chatbots to the platform.
  • Platform analytics, measuring ROI of campaigns and simplifying billing overhead


When deployed with the Multi-Channel Messenger (MCM) reach can be extended beyond RCS to additional channels such as Facebook Messenger, LINE, WhatsApp, Apple Business Chat, E-Mail, etc

Finally the MaaP layer provides end-to-end A2P support for third parties and service provider operations, including a Content Server and Chatbot Directory