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Messaging Marketplace (MMP)


Take messaging to the next level and deliver rich messaging and conversational commerce with Messaging Market Place


Harnessing RCS for New Revenue Opportunities

With the growth in OTT messaging services and the erosion of person-to-person sms revenue, Operators have a great opportunity with RCS to play a leading role in the evolution of SMS to rich messaging and creating new revenue streams within the messaging ecosystem around how subscribers engage with business and brands. Our Messaging Market Place product is a white label rich messaging platform allowing service providers to play a key role within the messaging ecosystem as SMS evolution to RCS gathers momentum enabling diverse B2C interactions. This in turn enables service providers to gain new revenue streams by capturing the growing digital marketing spend from brands and enterprises.


Designed for a diverse set of industries and use cases

ICON_HAPPY Customer Care

Deflect care calls using chatbot responses, with handover to live teams for greater customer experience.

ICON_Retail Retail

Send Promotions with a call to action that drives customer engagement.

ICON_Medical Medical

Confirm appointments and provide patient care updates.

ICON_Service Providers Service Provider

Upsell and cross sell of value added service.

ICON_Analytics Financial Services

Provide communications as a verified and trusted sender.


Trigger event based notifications from IoT devices across channels.


Swift Onboarding and Real-Time Analytics

In addition to the gateway to enable B2C / C2B interactions, the platform allows businesses to be seamlessly onboarded and to create and send communications campaigns to end users in a matter of minutes. The campaign can be tested right from within the platform and both operational as well as business analytics are supported around campaign tracking to enable ongoing review and optimization of campaigns.



Openwave's Messaging Marketplace Products enable enterprises to engage customers via RCS/SMS and email, offering tools for easy campaign design, efficiency tracking, and chatbot interactions. Embracing a multi-channel approach, it broadens the reach of A2P campaigns to popular platforms, underpinned by robust, scalable technology.


Messaging Marketplace

  • Supports rich messaging and conversational commerce using RCS/SMS and email channels.
  • Enables enterprises to easily design campaigns and track campaign efficiency.
  • Allow brands to engage 1-on-1 with their end users using chatbots.
  • Proven, scalable technology and global expertise.

Rich Business Messager MaaP

  • Aggregates A2P and P2A communication features.
  • Chatbot Service handles end user chatbot conversations.
  • Connect to the existing RCS infrastructure for message delivery.
  • Based on GSMA Universal Profile 2.0.

Multi-Channel Gateway

  • Increase A2P campaign reach beyond RCS to other chat channels such as Facebook Messenger, What’s app, Line, etc.

Messaging Marketplace features and functionality

ICON_Reliability Onboarding

Onboarding journeys greatly increase speed-to-market, accelerating operator & brand revenue.

ICON_UI Plan Configuration

Configurable Feature Sets to support flexible go-to-market strategies.

ICON_Campaign Management Campaign Management

Bulk messages to a list of recipients from your CRM database.

ICON_Consent Management Consent Management Automated opt-in and opt-out handling ensures the right messages are sent to the right customers.  
ICON_Role based access Role Based Access Controls Role Based Access Controls and Account Usage Policy Controls for all partners and brands.  
ICON_Webhook Support Webhook Support Direct traffic to/from an existing Chatbot hosted elsewhere.  
ICON_Chat Bot Chatbot Templates Create Auto-reply, coupon, and survey experiences within a messaging experience without any coding.  
ICON_CHAT 1-to-1 Conversations

Handover conversations from your Chatbot to a live representative for personalized human conversations.

ICON_Analytics Analytics & Insights

Measure engagements across channels to understand customer's life cycle and return-on-investment.