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About Us

Evolution of Excellence in Communication. Tracing Openwave's journey from pioneering email systems to modern B2C communication platforms.


Our Journey and Beyond

Since the mid 90s through and Critical Path, Openwave have been at the forefront in building, delivering and managing some of the largest email systems in the world for Communication Service Providers. As the market grew from the infancy of the internet to today where we live in a fully connected online world, email has remained at the forefront as one of the most mission critical services with your email address being a unique digital identifier for engaging online. Today Openwave has hundreds of millions of registered users running on our software across the globe. As the market evolved and with the advent of rich communications, we introduced our B2C Campaign Management Platform for businesses to reach and engage end users on RCS/SMS/email channels. Openwave launched the first cross carrier rich messaging platform with the Japanese Operators branded as +Message platform which now has close to 40M users.

Openwave provides the software for the largest Communication Service Provider deployments in the world. Our systems are trusted and secure, performant, highly available and in partnership with our customers have not been compromised or hacked over the last 25+ years.

Openwave Milestones


  • 2000

    2000 | The Birth of Openwave and merged to create Openwave and provide a broader white label value-added service offering to Communication Service Providers. At that time email subscriber growth was expanding rapidly and our scalability and performance were the key values appreciated by our customers.

  • 2012

    2012 | Innovating for Capacity

    In early 2010 the rise of IMAP usage following the smartphone releases started to generate significant pressure on mailbox size. It was not easy to grow mailbox size on vertical storage silo architecture. Mx was the first to adopt a horizontal storage architecture to allow easier mailbox growth. The architecture was initially deployed on a 20M users system in the USA.
  • 2013

    2013 | Massive Expansion

    We merged with Critical Path increasing our user base to 400M users at that time.
  • 2015

    2015 | Japan's Largest System Deployment

    We deployed our largest system which then had 35M users (now is over 50M users) in Japan.

  • 2018

    2018 | Diving into B2C Campaign Management

    We entered the B2C Campaign Management Platform for businesses to reach end users initially on RCS/SMS channels. The +Message platform is run and hosted by Openwave and now has close to 40M users.

  • 2023

    2023 | Joining Lumine Group

    Openwave is now part of the Lumine Group of companies, specialized in software for the telecom and media service providers.


The Openwave software platform has evolved to meet the always increasing needs of service providers. Over time, this unparallel capacity to evolve has been shown in the tenure of our customers. Over 90% of the customers in the sample list below have been with Openwave for over 10 years


With 99.999% reliability and unmatched scale, Openwave Email Suite is one of the industry’s most reliable platforms. See what our customers say and why they stick with Synchronoss through the years.

"Working with Openwave gives us confidence that we are guaranteeing our leadership and customers zero outages or downtime - even under heavy loads."

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