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Openwave provides a white label Email & Messaging Platform for Communication Service Providers, delivering Trusted Communications in any channel.

Openwave Commitments

We connect consumers and businesses, enabling their digital transformation and achieving the right balance between engagement and secure personalized communication supporting user retention and revenue generation.


  • Deep domain expertise.
  • Broad range of solutions and pre-integrated ecosystems.
  • Solve complex problems for our global telco & media customers.
  • Manage obsolescence and ensure “software-for-life”.
  • Best in class global customer service.


Openwave's secure email platform combines advanced security features with an intuitive user interface, accommodating tens of millions of users globally. It supports high-volume traffic and complex communication needs, ensuring data protection and a user-friendly experience for individual users and large organizations.

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Messaging Marketplace

Openwave's Messaging Marketplace is a cutting-edge B2C Campaign Management Platform, enabling businesses to effectively reach end users through RCS and Email channels. It offers seamless integration of rich communication services and email, providing a versatile tool for businesses to engage with their audience. 

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