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Email is in our DNA. For over 25 years Openwave’s Email Platform has been providing scalable, secure and highly performant email software for Communication Service Providers increasing subscriber retention and enabling monetization opportunities.


Mastering Email Services for
Enhanced Subscriber Retention

Operating an email platform is a very difficult business, one which requires the right partner and platform. Email continues to be a key application in helping Communication Service Providers to reduce overall subscriber churn. Email addresses have become a de facto ubiquitous identity and are key for engaging with online services. Subscribers understand the value of retaining this unique digital identity, whereby many service providers now charge orphan users (email users that are not customers anymore) successfully.

Building, delivering and managing email for service providers is what Openwave has been doing since its inception. We have been supporting customers as they evolve their email and messaging offerings, helping manage their costs, protect against personnel changes and supporting revenue generation initiatives.

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Maximize Engagement & Minimize Costs

ICON_HAPPY Retain your users,
reduce churn

Customer data shows 91% of active email users remain customers for 2+ years.

ICON_DOWNLOAD Reduce your total cost of ownership

Openwave offers competitive low-cost hosting solution.

ICON_UPLOAD Increase revenue generation

Email users are monetizable eyeballs as on any internet property.

ICON_UI User Experience Intuitive web and native mobile app experience simplifying access to relevant data.  
ICON_Secure Security

Our systems have not had security breach in over 20 years.

ICON_Reliability Reliability

Our systems have not had major downtime in 20 years.



Openwave's email products offer cutting-edge, scalable solutions that redefine how service providers manage communication, featuring secure, high-performance platforms designed to meet the needs of millions of users globally.

メール Mx

Email Mx

  • High performance and scalable email back-end (largest deployment is over 50M users).
  • Fully secured platform supporting GDPR requirements.
  • High performance indexed search that supports body and attachment text search.
  • Bill of material optimization to reduce costs.
  • Deployed with very large mailboxes of > 1GB.

Razorgate Anti-Abuse Gateway

  • Secure gateway protecting from inbound and outbound abuse.
  • Works with spam content check partner such as Vade Secure and Proofpoint.
  • Works with virus content check partner such as Kaspersky and Sophos.
  • Integrated with webmail to better protect the user (e.g. phishing warnings).


  • Freshly re-designed UI that focused on that what the user does most of the time.
  • Several features to help user triage the load of incoming messages (automatic mailbox categorization, tagging, pin, etc).
  • Ad support including message list sponsored message ad.
  • Secure: Login history, concurrent session status and second factor authentication to protect against compromised account.

Mobile Apps

  • Highly rated iOS/Android apps (>4.1).
  • User interaction optimized to perform most actions with one swipe and one select.
  • Several features to help user triage the load of incoming messages (automatic mailbox categorization, tagging, pin, etc).
  • Ad support including message list sponsored message ad.



The Openwave software platform has evolved to meet the always increasing needs of service providers. Over time, this unparallel capacity to evolve has been shown in the tenure of our customers. Over 90% of the customers in the sample list below have been with Openwave for over 10 years