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OpenwaveJan 17, 2024 12:30:47 PM< 1 min read

Japan trip with Collab

Openwave and Collab embarks on a Collaborative Journey to Japan

Openwave and Collab are excited to embark on a journey to Japan, to explore new possibilities and present innovative product and service solutions, leveraging synergies and elevating potential.

Recently acquired by Lumine Group, Openwave provides deep experience and market insights in Email Management and Multi-Channel Messaging, with a strong presence in Japan. Collab and Openwave offer a combined “one-stop-shop” contact center ecosystem, being presented to specifically cater for the current Japanese market needs & emerging trends.

This joint offering provides the latest AI technology and advancements in the contact center industry, enabling multi-channel interactions, such as voice, email, social media, WhatsApp. With the integration of Openwave's RCS based “+Message”, Collab is now capable to expand its portfolio with this new communication channel, vastly used in Japan as a trusted messaging service.

Great week ahead of us in the Land of the Rising Sun!



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